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Ambush at Horse Creek - Hardback

Ambush at Horse Creek - Hardback

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An Exciting, adventurous Western that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Fifteen-year-old Stevie Watson rides for the Pony Express in 1860 and finds danger and challenges on every trail as he sprints between stations. During an attack by Kiowa Indians at Horse Creek, Stevie reflects on his life and the experiences that brought him to this point. Wounded and frightened, he remembers the family he misses and loves dearly. Can he escape his predicament? Will his friends come to his rescue? Will he survive?

Follow Stevie as he encounters Indians, outlaws, and slave hunters along the trail from Albany, New York, to his family’s new homestead in St. Joseph, Missouri. See how he grows into a man on who everyone depends.

“Ambush at Horse Creek” will spring up all sorts of emotions as you read: anticipation, fear, laughter, pain, and sorrow. So saddle up and come along for the ride to “Ambush at Horse Creek” by Michael L. Clark.

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